Awards for Győrkids Festival!

We are happy to announce that Győrkids Festival has received Hungarian as well as international awards.

On the basis of the evaluation of the professional committee of the Hungarian Festival Association, Győrkids Festival has won the “excellent quality festival” label for the second time.
On the national tender by the Hungarian Marketing Association, Győrkids Festival and its main organizer Vaskakas Puppet Theatre have won the Diamond Award of city marketing in the category “event-happening”, which means that Győrkids Festival can contribute to the popularity of the city by accomplishing a productive and quality city marketing activity.

Győrkids Festival won international acclaim when from among hundreds of applicants it received the award of the programme “Europe for Festivals, Festivals for Europe (EFFE) by the European Festivals Association. The international jury laid emphasis on artistic quality and the significant local, national and international impact of the festival in question.

“We are very proud of the tide of awards we are receiving, but for us, main organizer Vaskakas Puppet Theatre, the greatest acclaim is the children’s smile and the parents’ joy, not to mention grandmothers’ pancakes, strudels and cakes, by which they express their gratitude. Of course, it is a wonderful feeling that Győrkids Festival is highly appreciated by both national and international professional committees. Thank you very much!” – said Rozi Kocsis, director of Vaskakas Puppet Theatre and Győrkids Festival.
The 8th Győrkids Festival will take place from 3-5 July 2015.